060727_hp_fp 060727_hp_fp2
I'm not sure this is the chronological developement but on July 2006 I had finised up a new software version for the hairpin probe. This one would also use the HP microwave and the TDS oscilloscope as it can be seen in the  screens. What is new in this version is that is already calculating the electron density although it is saving all data collected. All the data is kept in memory until the program stops. This will lead to a buildup of memory required by the program to run. An inefficient way of writing software I will find later on. Basically here are two main programs. One which determines the electron density in steady state mode and one in time resolved mode. they are switched by a tab control (bad choice also found later). Note the intensity chart (2nd picture) which I use to display the 3d graph of density in time. Maybe I'll find one which has a graph on

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